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As those of you who are familiar with the Carbondale area rental market know, we often no longer have places available to rent for May/June or August occupancy by the end of Spring break. Some years we're all ready fully leased or in process for some types of unit such as the 2 bedroom suites or 1 bedroom lofts, and some years we are almost fully leased across the board.
In an effort to meet the needs of people who might wish to become our tenants, we have "formalized" our waiting list procedure.
If you want to be on our waiting list, it is an easy procedure. We suggest that you start the procedure as soon as you have made a decision that you might wish to rent from us.
1) Fill out the reference form and either drop it off at our office (2610 West Murphysboro Road, Carbondale Illinois  (2 driveways from the Driver's License station), mail it to us at P.O. Box 2587 Carbondale, Illinois 62902 or fax it to us at 618-457-4281. Please don't email it to us - our server is not secure and I'm sure you don't want your personal information traversing the web unprotected. I know I wouldn't!
2) We will put you on our waiting list and will contact you when we have a unit available that meets your request. We call people in the order that reference forms were submitted, but we will not hold any units until you have decided to lease one of our places and we have started processing your documents.
3) We don't charge any fees for submitting your reference form, nor are there any fees for processing your reference forms. We don't feel comfortable with the notion that you need to pay us before we will do business with you.
4) Even though you are on our waiting list, we can't guarantee that you will be able to rent the place you are most interested in. Current tenants may choose to renew or move to a different location we own, previous tenants may come back to town to get an advanced degree, or you may not get back to us after we have called you before all of the available units are in the process of being leased or already leased.


1) If you are interested in a particular type of unit, but the location is not as important, then enter the type of unit you are interested in, such as any 1 bedroom flat or any 2 bedroom suite. Because our complexes are small, your odds of renting an Alpha place go up if you have some flexibility for location. If location is most important, then start the leasing process as soon as you are sure of your housing decision.
2) If you want to sign a lease before we know exactly which units will be available, you can do so. We know that we will have some units available at the various complexes but we don't know which ones will be available until the current tenants have made their renew decisions. You may sign a lease with the unit number not entered. (the lease will specify size, type and location, but not the unit number) By February 15, you will be told of available units, and will be scheduled for a look at the unit. If you don't like the unit when you see it in February, we will void the lease and return your funds with no penalty. The early lease sign option doesn't exist for the units that are one of a kind -- such as 309 East Mill or 703 West Pecan or for units that are very limited at a location -- such as the cathedral ceiling 1 bedroom flat. We want to be confident that if you sign an early lease that a unit will be available for you.
3) Be persistent - if we don't call you and you see an ad in the DE, call us to be sure you didn't miss a message from us. The usual reasons - the great cell phone voicemail abyss, the current roommate who forgets to give you the message or we weren't able to contact you due to the contact information we had being incorrect - the dreaded "this number is no longer in service"  message or worse yet, someone else has the cell number we've called!
4) Don't give up hope if it is later in the rental season - we frequently add new buildings to the rental list in March or April and on one occasion as late as May. It occasionally happens that plans change for someone who has already signed a lease for a property and then the unit will be available to rent to someone else. On rare occasions, we have people cancel lease appointments. Keep checking the availability page to see if any changes occur and call the office (618-457-8194) if a place you might be interested in is on the availability page.

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