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Alpha's newest completed development!

Located on the quiet West side of town - a great professional neighborhood - less than a 2 minute drive to the Center For Medical Arts, Gold's Gym, First Southern Bank, CVS Pharmacy and Murdale Shopping Center.

We have four different floorplans - 2 different one bedroom plans and 2 different 2 bedroom floorplans. All of the units include the usual Alpha amenities - each unit has a full size washer dryer, dishwasher, miniblinds, ceiling fans, deck, large spacious rooms, lots of closet space, oak cabinets, tile floors in kitchens and baths. Some units have laminate floors in the living room, eat in kitchens or whirlpool tubs.
We'll be updating this page and the additional informational pages about each building as we gather together our information in web friendly form -- Click on the links to see our floor plans, pictures, etc. If the link isn't activated for a floor plan yet, please call the office at 618-457-8194 if you would like us to fax you one or snail mail it to you --

The first one bedroom floorplan is a 2 story building with our usual 1 bedroom flat plan. It is the same design that is built at 1205 East Grand and 2310 South Illinois. Those buildings contain 8 units, this building plan contains only 4 - 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs.
Click here for more specific info about the Robinson Circle 1 bedroom flats.

The second 1 bedroom floorplan is a duplex or a fourplex of the expanded loft plan. It is the same floor plan as the expanded loft as we built at 88 Jaros E.
Click here for more information about the expanded loft at Robinson circle.

 The 2 bedroom Standard floorplan is a new design that we are really excited about -- it has an eat in kitchen and the washer and dryer are upstairs by the bedrooms. It is larger than our usual 2 bedroom townhome plan. It is approximately 1200 square feet.
Click here for more info about Robinson Circle standard 2 bedrooms.

 The other 2 bedroom design that we have developed is a modified version of our 2 bedroom Brehm Suite plan. It now features an eat-in kitchen, and the washer and dryer have now been moved upstairs. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, and this includes a whirlpool bathtub in each.
Click here for more info about Robinson Circle 2 bedroom 2.5 bath.

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A note from the legal cat:
If you have reached this page without reading our intro page, we want to let you know that the measurements on this page were taken off the architectural drawings and that due to decisions made during the construction phase, they may not be exact. They are intended to give you a general idea about the layout and relative sizes of the rooms, not as an exact drawing of each unit. The amenities list is done from memory & we're assuming that we remember what is in each unit. if we have made an error, please accept our apologies.