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Alpha's Carbondale Apartments & Housing Rentals

Author:   Kelly Thomas  
Posted: 9/20/01; 2:55:53 PM
Topic: Alpha's Carbondale Apartments & Housing Rentals
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HI!!!! I'm told that this is the spot in the site that I'm supposed to tell you who we are, what we rent, and why you should rent from us - so I'll proceed to do that as painlessly as possible.

We're two small landlords, (Chris B. the short one writing this and Andy the tall one) who have great places - (I know, I know, you've heard that before, you went and saw a Carbondale Apartment that wasn't fit for your neighbor's yappy dog, much less you!! but really, they are nice). Nearly all are new, some brand new, spacious, mostly duplex buildings, 1 to 4 bedroom.

We also offer other housing choices - single family houses in R-2 or professional family neighborhoods, 1 bedroom loft or flat apartments, 2 bedroom townhomes or flats and a few buildings in which each bedroom has its own private full bath. (some with whirlpool tubs!).

Most of our Carbondale Apartments are places that we have built. We're small local builders who have built single family homes, as well as commercial buildings and rental units. Building our own units has given us the freedom to build units that express our philosophy. We won't rent it to you unless we would be willing to live there ourselves. We strive to treat our tenants in the same manner as we would like to be treated. We offer the conveniences of life that we find most necessary to us in our personal lives - full size washers and dryers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, mini blinds, garden windows, private fenced patios, plenty of storage space, a parking spot for the car, garages, etc. - In other words, a place we'd let our Moms live in and you know how picky Moms can be.

[This is Alpha Speaking - I don't let my humans forget that I don't like lots of units in 1 building -too noisy and cramped feeling for me. I've never let them build a building with more than 8 bedrooms total in it. I like having my own private outside entrance and not dealing with hallways and lots of noisy or nosey neighbors and their dogs! I'll let Mom get back to her letter to you now... I just had to insert my viewpoint!]

The following page of addresses will give you links to the info about room sizes, amenities, availability, and, in many cases, the floor plan, virtual tour and/or pictures. I've tried to make them as accurate as possible, but the measurements were taken off the architectural drawings: there may be some changes due to construction techniques, so there is no guarantee that all measurements are exact in each individual unit. Our measurements and square footage figures don't include common areas. (In other words, our measurements don't include building hallways, shared staircases, or shared foyer areas. Our measurements show your and only your private space.) Hopefully, I haven't gotten any of the amenities confused, but if I have, I apologize and we'll change it right away.

We tend to build the same 1 and 2 bedroom floorplans over and over again, so we have developed a "typical" floorplan and have taken a set of pictures in several of essentially the same units. The size of all the "typical" 2 bedroom townhomes will be the same for all units, all of the same type of unit are built on the same Carbondale apartment footprint each time - so the units at all the various locations will all be the same size.

The differences are in the location of the patio, some are on the side, some are in the back, some are concrete, some wood decks, the colors of the tile (all in the ivory/beige family), carpet (various shades of "realtor beige"), vanity marble (whites to ivories), and in some cases, the countertops (whatever struck my fancy when I was ordering, most are white, a few beige speckle, a few grey speckle). Hopefully, the assorted pictures will give you some idea of our style.

The one bedroom lofts and flats are the same floorplan with the same type of variations that are evident in the 2 bedroom townhomes and flats. The size of the 1 bedroom buildings goes from duplex to fourplex for the lofts and fourplex to eightplex for the flats.

Alpha is a real cat and the chief executive in charge - whenever we have a problem, we discuss it with him. A very astute cat - if you'd like to know more about his adventurous life, check out his autobiography or his picture gallery - I won't insist on boring you with his autobiography's bad jokes here.

This site lists the property we own and are planning to build; most of these places will be for rent some time this year. However, if you have a specific property in mind, it may or may not be available when you call. If at all possible, I suggest that you look early in the rental season (early means from December on if you wish to rent in either May, June or August); there are usually more options (or as Alpha says, "THE EARLY CAT CATCHES THE BIRD, FORGET THE WORMS). Sorry, that bad joke just snuck right in there. If you are convinced that you'd like to part of Alpha's world, you should check out the link to Alpha's Waiting list.

Now for the hard part - why you should rent from us - the first answer that comes to mind is Alpha said so - if you knew him, you'd understand but since you don't, I'll give you some other reasons. I guess the best reason I can state is that when my only child was a college student, she lived in one of our places - and still does - we give you a larger, better constructed (read more expensive for us to build but less expensive for you to live in) home with the conveniences of life in a variety of locations.

I'd developed a form for comparing housing choices for my daughter - I've included a copy of it - I hope it helps you in your search for the perfect home for you.

When you are comparing costs or renting a Carbondale apartment or house, be sure to add in all of your expenses - don't just compare monthly rental amounts. Our places tend to be very energy efficient, and have washers and dryers, which tend to lower your overall monthly living expense. We've had several tenants over the years tell us that they were paying more for rent and living in a nicer place than they had in the previous year but that they were spending less on their housing than they had the previous year.

Please call, fax or E-mail if you have any questions, comments, or want an appointment to see one of the places for rent. If you have already picked out the place you want, fill out one of our reference forms and fax it to us or it it's not showing as available, get on Alpha's Waiting list. If you want to know more about our rental procedures, please go to our "Quick Summary of our Rental Procedures." Over the years, I've had several questions about Carbondale from people who are moving here. Hope my random thoughts help you if you're moving to Carbondale.

E mail comes to the office - so it gets looked at Monday through Friday. If we haven't responded to your email within a couple of days within that Monday to Friday window, please resend. I'd hate to miss your note!

Hope we can help you find the perfect place to live!

Click here for a listing of our existing homes.

FOR MORE INFO CALL KIRA, ETHAN,DONNA, OR CHRIS B 618-457-8194(OFFICE) FAX 618-457-4281 OR E-MAIL Alpharental@aol.com

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If you have reached this page without reading our intro page, we want to let you know that the measurements on this page were taken off the architectural drawings and that due to decisions made during the construction phase, they may not be exact. They are intended to give you a general idea about the layout and relative sizes of the rooms, not as an exact drawing of each unit. The amenities list is done from memory & we're assuming that we remember what is in each unit. if we have made an error, please accept our apologies.